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Manufacturing capacity

Stamping die manufacturing capacity


1.Have 3D and 2D design ability, deforrm and autoform finite sheet metal analysis ability

2.Have the fine blanking, Cold Forging Progressive, No shear droop, micro stamping and deep drawing tooling design and production capacity.

3.Have the in-mould tapping, in-mould riveting technology;

4.Have mould assembly, mould testing, small production, production capacity;

5.Tooling manufacturing process is completed in the Local factory except standard parts and heat treatment;

6.Usually uses the MISUMI and HASCO standard parts, and tooling life can reach to 3000 ~ 5000 Kpcs

7.Progress tooling monthly production capacity: 50 sets and 30 sets of single stamping die;




Stamping processing capacity


1. Have 3T~ 300T stamping machine, and tooling size is limited within 2000 mm;

2.Have tapping, riveting, cleaning and other secondary processing abilities, if necessary, can develop and design robot application machine for automation tapping, riveting, assembling, and pallet packaging.

3. Electroplating, surface treatment, heat treatment process are completed by outsourcing vendor.

4. Have sampling observation, delivery examination ability, manage according to customer's CPK requirement;

5. Stamping production capacity: about 10000 Kpcs/Month level;





Stamping Production Process


1. Designing

Once we made a stamping part, we will discuss the project with our team, If necessary, Craftsmen to finite simulations analysis. considering all the details, and then start to design. Before making the die parts we will send the design to for your approval. Any changes can be modified according to your opinion.


2. Tooling Process

After drawing confirmed, we will manufacture stamping tooling according to clients' requirements. With CNC machine, Wire cutting, P/G, W/E, Sinker EDM and grinding machine processing to help us to finish super precision components detail processing.


3. Sample Confirmation

Once finished all the die parts, we will assembling the tool, and start to test sample. Before sending you the sample for approval, we will measure all the dimensions according to the drawing, confirm all the dimensions are in the right range. And then for your terms. If any changes, we will modify the tool to test sample till your approval.


4. Quality Control 

For mass production, first we will test raw material make sure that material quality is just as demand. During the production, we will measure the first sample confirm all the dimensions are qualified. Casual inspection throughout the entire production process. Before shipment we will check the plating quality by our QC department.


5.Mass Production

Under the strict quality control rules, we produce stamping parts with high speed, high precision and high quality. Ensure to improve our customers' market competitive.