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Quality control

Quality control

NEWSKY value of the enterprise is to provide customers with quality products and services.

We meet our quality requirements by formulating quality objectives, method of operation standard book, job training to .


Quality objective:

Don't accept the bad, Don't make the bad, Don’t delivery the bad


According to the departments, we formulated Parts processing and inspection operation instruction, Engineering department operation instruction, Process operation instruction, Tool processing and maintenance operation instruction, QC inspection operation instruction, Quality assurance system chart, etc., and meanwhile separately established Stamping operation instruction, Wire cutting processing operation instruction and other information according to the processing  instrument.

Before the product mass production, QC project sheet, QC operation instruction, Stamping operation instruction,  Packing operation instruction and other data need to be established, in order to effectively control the mass product quality.


Measuring instrument

Newsky has relatively perfect measuring instrument, such as MITUITOYO three-dimensional measuring instrument, two-dimensional measuring instrument, projectors, TESA palisade altimeter, NIKON altimeter accurate to 0.0001 mm, Mitutoyo roughness meter, concentricity measuring instrument, Mitutoyo micrometer, needle gauge, gauge block, micrometer, calipers, hardness tester, etc. Regularly check and correction are carried out on the measuring apparatus. Following is part of the measuring  instrument: